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Your New Normal Plan

Revitalise, Reignite, Regenerate, Recharge and Restore.

By connecting with like-minded people who have faced, or are facing similar circumstances, you will experience innate, heartfelt understanding in a safe and supportive environment.

Each module of the Healing Carers program explores a topic that is relevant to your life, both practically and emotionally. 

Time to Reconnect

Research shows that many carers or past carers give up social activities, and lose contact with friends and their community. Learn how to take manageable steps to reconnect with the parts of your former life that you would like to, whether it be activities, friends, employment, or education.  We will also help sort out the hard stuff, like debt, wills, and bureaucracy. This is all done in an environment where you can be yourself, and you will be understood with empathy and encouragement.

Time to Find Yourself

The process will help you become you again. Fall in love with the you that hasn’t had time for you while caring for your loved one. Discover what you want to do in a connected way, so you have the confidence to step back into the world.

Time to Heal

As you move through the modules you will be developing your plan to live a new normal at the end of the program. Not only will you have mapped out a distinct plan, but you will also know what steps you need to take to move forward, emotionally and practically.  You will heal from the past, and be on your way to building a more grounded, creative and enjoyable life.

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