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Get the support, information & care you need whilst and after caring for a loved one.

During the program, you will develop strategies to ...

  • Overcome exhaustion as a carer and supporter

  • Overcome the challenges of caring for a loved one

  • Overcome the grief and trauma of caring

  • Develop strategies to deal with the will

  • Deal with dysfunctional family members

  • Be able to work through finances

  • Move forward after the stresses of caring for a loved one

  • Find space for yourself

  • Find the right help and support

  • Manage self care

  • Find support groups

  • Rediscover self love

  • Link to supporting services 

  • Identify ways to let go

  • Be in control of your health / wellbeing

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My Story


Why Rebecca supports carers?

  • I have lived experience as a carer.

  • I understand how lost and overwhelmed carers feel, particularly after their loved one has passed

  • I've worked out how to heal and move forward

Before becoming a carer for my mother, I held a successful corporate career, working in PR,
Marketing and Partnership Management. During the last 12 months, as mum battled end-stage cancer, I cared for her 24/7. I loved honouring mum and giving her everything she needed to ensure she could have the best and most enjoyable life as possible. Wanting her to experience fun, peace and happiness during her last days was so important to me. For 13 days straight, as she transitioned, I sat with her. I hugged her. I laughed. I cried. I  Loved. I cared.

How can I help?

 Online Courses | Mentoring & Support

I’ve worked out how to get out of debt. I’ve worked out how to live my life filled with joy, direction and meaning. This has taken a lot of work. A lot of devotion. Having to step away to be able to heal. To honour the grief. To honour the pain. To be able to release these and move forward. I invite you to connect with me through a series of online courses and workshops.

7- Week Online Course

Develop your future plan in a safe and nurturing space. Each week, Rebecca will personally guide you on a journey of  empowerment  and healing.

Course Description

Week 1 - Self-knowledge 
Introduction - Your 'New Normal'-Creating Clarity


Week 2-3 - Relational Healing 
Connecting Into Ourselves (self-care & healing)


Week 4-6 - Visionary Self 
Creating Clarity (legal/wills, finances/budgeting)


 Week 7 - Embodiment  
Creating Your Future


“From our first weekly session I have gained so much, in a safe and beautiful space. Rebecca
is an amazing soul whose calm and serene presence is what makes this program so
embracing and effective.”

Kerryn, Cairns.

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