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All of us will or have experienced that we tend to use close friends and family to talk to about our ‘issues’. This is fine in the short term but on a longer term therapeutic basis we will wear out our welcome fairly quickly. This is where finding a suitable counsellor is required.

First, let me say I am using the word counsellor generically to encompass all psychological professional services (physiatrists, psychologists etc…) I am the type of person who likes to talk it out, get things off my chest especially when something or someone is bothering me or in conflict with my psyche.

A good counsellor can be that person. An objective person, who will listen and provide advice and strategies to assist you in moving forward and not getting stuck in a rut. You can say anything without fear the other person will take it personally or provide you with sympathetic responses because they do not want to hurt your feelings or simply agree with what you are saying. Besides you won’t wear out your welcome thereby maintaining and sustaining your personal relationships with close friends and family.

I actually see a couple different counsellors, a male and female, mainly as I like to have

varying strategies from a male and female perspective. This is me but many people are more comfortable with a male or female counsellor. Regardless, once you find that person suitable to your needs, stick with them, as long as you find the outcome beneficial. Keep talking.

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