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Unlike massage therapy, Reiki is the practise of, usually, hands off healing. Reiki was

developed in Japan around the 1920’s as an energy healing practise although Reiki

foundations date as far back as over 2000 years. Practitioners of Reiki will use energy fields to assist you with ‘dis-ease’ in your body. By combining the energy of the person the

practitioner will use their energy to assist in removing blockages with-in your body. For me at times I simply wanted someone to quickly relax my body without me having to remove my clothes, for a physical massage, then have oils applied, being too hot or cold etc.,

With Reiki I could keep my clothes on and not have to deal with the rest.

Reiki provided me with a feeling of a warm flow of energy going through my body creating a calming effect. I would have unexplainable experiences of euphoria, seeing in my mind beautiful colours and a general pleasing outlook. I would leave the session on a cloud, no pains, no worries and no thoughts of disillusion. It was like wrapping me up in a cuddling blanket on a cold winter’s night, safe and secure. One note if you decide to try Reiki ensure the practitioner is at a Masters Level and has the credentials of training, then go with no expectations other than a willingness to accept whatever the energy provides you.

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