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Through grief and loss or any other ‘dis-ease’ we are dealing with in our lives not only is our mind affected but so too are our bodies. We may eat more thereby gaining weight, this is me. Or we may be walking around with that preverbal cloud over our heads thus creating posture problems of a slouched back and rounded shoulders. In regards to eating, which many people will attest to, this is a basic human nature response too many things that ail us. Eat and you will feel better when in fact the more you eat the worse you will feel.

I started eating things I did not eat previously because my mind was in sorrow mode so it was telling me to do something good for myself, go out and eat a litre of ice cream. Yes that tasted great, I love it! Mind was gratified. But my body did not and the kilos plied up and on. As a triathlete, I now hated to look at my body, this is where Kinesiology came in.

Kinesiology helped put me back on track of regaining my good posture by giving me daily tools to use. Retraining my mind to assist me in becoming a much stronger person overall as I became more aware of my ‘physical’ needs. Once this took hold so too did the reduction of the trauma grief can cause. The better my body felt the better my mind felt. No more litres of ice cream were on the menu but rather eating correctly which improved my overall nutrition.

We need to listen to our bodies more, Kinesiology will help you do this and potentially help you in maintaining the good health you require to conquer the world or a triathlon.

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