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Meditating is not for everyone, calming your mind and body takes practice and each of us

will meditate differently. I am one of those people. Releasing some of the grief I experienced with the loss of my mother took the form of going to the beach. I would sit close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the sea, the birds, and the smells of those wonderful ocean/beach scents.

I would allow this sense of serenity to take over my whole body and transport me to magical, mystical and faraway places. A respite from life, from all other thoughts, a mini holiday.

I would sit for as long as the sensation lasted. No stress or strain of trying to mediate just the simply practise of doing something I enjoying doing.

Now find your special place where you can go, even if it is in your house. Create an environment that provides you with, in this case, a beach, the use of incense, ocean sounds, and a warm inviting atmosphere. With a little

‘holiday’ practice you too will soon feel those thoughts of grief slowly melt away…

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