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Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT, sounds like something from outer space, science

fiction. This may be true as RTT is a form of Hypnotherapy that was created by world

renowned therapist Marisa Peer. With RTT it helped me get to the root of my issues allowing me to explore my subconscious by delving into what was really causing my pain and grief.

Sometimes straight talking to a ‘counsellor’ just does not cut it when. like me, most of us

want instant results especially when we are emotionally drained. This is not to say you should not engage in counselling, on the contrary but I will discuss this in another post.

RTT shook me to my core, was it the loss of a loved one that was the sole reason for my

grief? Or was it some deep buried emotions, fears or pain I buried in my subconsciousness.

Much like how we have difficulty remembering events of our youth. We simply have a lot of ‘stuff’ in our little brains so we tend to store away those old clothes, books, pictures,

memories and focus on the here and now. It is through RTT that we have the opportunity to un-pack some of that old stuff so we can put some meaning and purpose to why we are feeling the way we are feeling. Once this happens you will be surprised how you are able to now discard what you really no longer need…

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